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‘Lauren Martinez’ works to make the website accessible to people with disabilities and/or with special needs in a variety of ways and according to the guidelines of the State Commission.

For inquiries and information about accessibility, you can contact or contact the company’s accessibility coordinator Mr. Eliyahu by email: 

The accessibility arrangements at ‘Lauren Martinez’

Website Accessibility Statement – Introduction

1. This statement was last updated on August 10, 2022.

2. It is important to us at Mohol that our products are accessible for people with disabilities and for this purpose, we are working to make the site accessible through technological means.

The plugin:

1. To make the site accessible, we implemented the One Click Accessibility plugin.

2. The One Click Accessibility plugin creates advanced accessibility solutions for websites, without making changes to the website code (adjustment to the ADA regulation).

Accessibility level:

1. This website meets the requirements of the regulations on equal rights for people with disabilities (service accessibility adjustments), 2013.

2. The accessibility adjustments were made according to the recommendations of the Israeli standard (TI 5568) for content accessibility on the Internet at the AA level.

3. This Israeli standard is identical to the guidelines document of the international organization dealing with the accessibility of websites W3C – document WCAG 2.0.

4. The site provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies and support for the accepted usage pattern for operating with a keyboard using the arrow keys, Enter and Esc to exit menus and windows.

Repairs and adjustments made:

1. The adaptations are optimized for display in common browsers as well as for use on a cell phone.

2. The accessibility tests were performed with an NVDA type screen reader.

3. Among other things, through the One Click Accessibility plugin, the user will be able to use plugins as follows:

1. Highlighting links on the website;

2. Color contrast on the website;

3. Enlarging the text;

4. The spacing of the text;

5. Cancellation of the animations;

6. Dyslexia support;

7. Magnified cursor;

8. Text alignment;

9. And more, as detailed in the add-on on the website.


1. We will be happy to answer any claim regarding accessibility issues.

2. In order for us to be able to address a claim, we will ask for as broad an application as possible that includes the description of the problem, the browser you used, the page where you tried to perform an unsuccessful operation, etc. using the details that appear at the bottom of the website’s regulations